Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

10 “did you know” facts about me

A week ago Instagram released a new function: an easy way to do a Q&A with your followers via Stories. And I love it! I love answering any questions you have about me or my work, but I also really enjoyed reading others’. I think it’s a really nice, easy way to get to know each other more. So, in addition to that I decided to share some “Did you know..” facts about me you probably didn’t know.

So did you know..

1. I speak Frisian?
Growing up in Friesland in the north of The Netherlands, it’s no surprise I speak Frisian. I was raised in this language and my husband and I speak Frisian to each other too. However, I mostly feel and think in Dutch, so that’s probably why I don’t speak Frisian to our daughter Mia, but Dutch. My husband does speak Frisian to her, so now that she is learning how to talk, we hear both languages and it’s the cutest thing ever.

2. My date of birth is 6789?
I was born of the 6th of July in 1989, so my birthdate is 6789. After 29 years I can tell you, it still feels cool to say!

3. I studied Pedagogics and worked in an institution?
After high school, I studied Pedagogics for 4 years and started working in an institution. While working there I started this blog (over 4 years ago!) and as my work ended there, I slowly shifted to being a blogger & photographer. I do this fulltime now!

4. I sang in bands and toured the country for many years?
I’ve always loved singing and during high school I joined the high school band and a lot of bands followed after that. The last band I sang in we toured through the whole country and even played in Belgium. Great times that hold great memories! I do not sing anymore, except under the shower ;)

5. I wanted to become a mom at 24?
When I was 16 years old, my friends sister became a mom when she was 24 years old and somehow that age always stuck in my mind. Didn’t succeed though, I was 27 when I became mom of Mia ♥

6. Sustainability has gotten a much bigger subject now I’m a mom?
I was raised with recycling trash, but becoming sustainable has become a much bigger subject now that I’m a mom. It’s probably because I now literally have a new generation I need to take care of the planet for. So I’m trying to buy more secondhand/slow fashion/organic cotton, reduce our plastic use and of course I still recycle. I am learning a lot, and love reading about this subject. If you have any tips about documentary’s, books, whatever, please let me know!

7. I’m almost a vegetarian?
I know, that’s a ridiculous sentence. How can you be “almost a vegetarian”, right? Let’s put it like this; we hardly eat meat in our household and during the last months it has gotten less and less. I don’t feel okay with supporting the meat industry as it is today and eating meat everyday is in now way necessary. I’m hoping for some big changes coming in the near future in that industry.

8. My hair is naturally blonde like this?
Somehow people always assume my hair is bleached, but it’s not. I do have to say I get darker every year, sadly. I had snowwhite hair as a kid but especially after becoming 25, it’s becoming darker. During my pregnancy with Mia my husband and I always joked about which one of us would decide the haircolor, since I am blond and he has very dark hair. For now her hair is a bit in-between and I’m very curious what will happen in the future.

9. My hair has seen every color of the rainbow?
Speaking about hair colors: I’ve done it all. Bright red, orange, purple, pink, I’ve tried all of them. I’ve also done very dark brown and I really loved that. I keep thinking getting back to that color during winter time, but my husband doesn’t like it so he doesn’t allow, haha!

10. I am a shoe collector?
While in interior I pick chairs as my favorite item, when it comes to fashion shoes are definitely The One. Recently I donated a lot of shoes I didn’t wear anymore but if I would have to guess, I think I had around 80 pairs of shoes. I love all types: boots, high heels, sneakers, loafers, all of them. But it felt good to donate the shoes that were laying in my closet for years without getting worn. I hope someone else is enjoying them as we speak!

So! 10 facts about me you may or may not have known :) I hope at least some of them were a surprise to you! Do you enjoy reading these type of posts on my blog? I’m thinking about sharing more, like photography work but also personal notes & things on my mind. Let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading!
Love, Marrit

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