Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


If you’re a follower of my Instagram, you know I love flowers. Our house feels empty without them and here on the blog there are always flower to be found somewhere in the picture. So, when I got a chance to try the flower service Bloomon I didn’t hesitate and said yes immediately. I’ve received 2 bouquets and they were both equally stunning. Let me show you :)

This was my first bouquet, can you believe this is only a size M? I wonder how big a L is, haha. It’s was filled with color and different types of flowers, just the way I like it. What I also really love about these bouquets is that they often come with branches in them as well. Branches usually last a lot longer than flowers so it’s worth your money a bit more. I often dry them out and keep them forever, somewhere in the house in a small vase.

And this was my second bouquet. More focused on the color red, very festive with the holidays coming. Another great combination of flowers and some long-lasting branches as well. I made these photos for my Instagram, but I thought they were too good not to use on the blog as well.

So if you’re interested in a Bloomon bouquet yourself, click HERE. Use code “marritvaas” for a free vase – it’s the one pictured in the photos. You can try it once or get yourself a long-lasting subscription right away. Whatever you want! But if you love flowers and grant yourself the luxury of not having to do anything for it, this is the way to go. Flowers always make me very happy and they add the perfect amount of green and color to any home. And dare to go out of the box; a bouquet of flowers doesn’t necessarily have to be on the dining table. Don’t they look great in our kitchen as well?

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