Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

We bought a house!


We bought a house we bought a house we bought a house! What an exciting and nerve-wracking time the last months have been. I was keeping a secret for you guys, and now I can finally share it with you! We were house hunting for a few months when THE house came along. We had to look through the mess, but we kinda knew from the beginning: this should be our new house. We made an offer and it was accepted december 10th. So it was pretty hard keeping my mouth shut about it for this long!

It’s an old house which has to be renovated upside down. No big adjustments but still, a long time of home improving will soon begin! I am so excited, it is so great to experience this together with my great fiancé and being able to fantasize about how our future home will look like.

It definitely means a lot of changes for this blog. We will receive the key february 27 so we will immediately start working at the new house. We’ve calculated 4 weeks of dividing our time between two houses and then we will move into the new house. I will try to keep up my blogging schedule twice a week, and I will try to include some non-renovation posts but I reckon that’s going to be hard! I will definitely keep you updated about all the exciting stuff that are going to happen!

Much love for all my readers and thank you so much for supporting me and for your nice words. They mean a lot; I love blogging!

Ok, let me share one more picture from the delicious brownies I made to celebrate :-) Have a great day!


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