Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Cate Adriana

This is a special blogpost for me. I am showing you the art piece I bought, made by Cate Adriana. It’s special to me, because this piece is a part of her “Motherhood” collection. Being a mother is my favourite title in the whole wide world and I love to have a physical piece of that in our house.

I’ve loved Cate Adriana’s work ever since I first saw it via Instagram and immediately knew I would love a piece of her work. Our house used to be filled mostly with graphic posters but lately I’m leaning more towards organic shapes. And colors, but you’ve seen that in the changes I’ve made in our home already. So to have a piece of art in our home that sports all these things, you can imagine I’m a happy camper.

To me her art is multi interpretable. I see a mother breastfeeding her baby, and that’s what attracted me the most. But you can easily see something else in it, like a mother comforting her child in her arms. Whatever you (want to) see in it, that’s fine. I love the breastfeeding part, because I am still nursing our 15 month old daughter and to me it is such a big part of motherhood. It’s not always easy but it’s something I do for our daughter. And that to me is what being a mother is about; doing what’s best for your baby. Whatever you do :)

We went to pick up this art in Amsterdam a while ago and got to meet Cate. She is such a lovely person and I’m really happy I can support her work this way. I would love it if this post will help her get a little more recognition for her beautiful work. Make sure to check out her website <3

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