Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Christmas 2016

It’s Christmas time! I am not one of those people that go all out for Christmas. We have a box in the attic that says “Christmas” and it contains 1 string of lights and 1 wooden rendeer. It’s laughable, I know. While I do love everything about Christmas – spending it with family and eating, lots of eating – the my-whole-house-should-look-like-christmas-virus just didn’t get to me.

But! Seeing all those Christmas trees on Instagram and a Christmas-loving husband I knew we at least had to have a tree. With Ikea and it’s €1 trees it wasn’t much of an effort as well. So here it is!

We moved the couch a little and I have to say: I really really love the wintery feel of a Christmas tree next to our fireplace. With just 1 string of lights it really bring nature inside and I do love that.

Red and green, who would’ve thought?

Last year we had our 1st Christmas tree ever and not much has changed, I guess. What can I say, we love it minimalistic!

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