Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Christmas tree

Yay, our Christmas tree is up! I’m not the type of person that decorates the whole house with christmas decorations, but I do like to have a tree in the livingroom. This is our 3rd Christmas tree and we just always leave it like this, a tree and lights. This year was the first year I thought of decorating it some more with decorations. But the truth is I just love the tree like this – and let’s not forget our walking toddler! Afraid she would destroy all the decoration she could get her hands on, we just left it like this. And I’m fine with that, I think it looks minimal and gorgeous.

We didn’t have to make a lot of adjustments this year to create a spot for our tree. We simply moved the IKEA Besta cabinets a little more to the right. Because the tree should be next to the fireplace, am I right? Such a classic setup :)

So setting up the Christmas tree made room for new corners, and I’m liking this one! The cabinets contain our daughters toys, and it’s so perfect. She can open the doors herself and when she’s asleep at night we simply clean up the room by storing it all in the cabinets.

Of course I was a little bit scared about our daughters reaction to the tree, but all went well. She simply touched it, touched it some more, and then walked away. I’m sure she will try some more, but I’m less afraid of her tearing it apart, or pulling it towards the floor, haha.

So that’s our tree! The beautiful art on the fireplace is by Cate Adriana, but I will write more about it later on the blog. I love it so much it deserves it’s own post <3

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