Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Happy new year!

Happy new year! Can you believe it’s 2017 already?

I thought I would take this chance to look back on the year 2016. Obviously the birth of our daughter Mia is a big change, but it’s truly been a good year blog wise. Let’s talk a short walk through this year:

I am so so proud of my feature in Dutch interior magazine VTWonen! I loved taking part in this special and loved the final result. Blogpost HERE

My absolute favorite article from 2015 is looking back on 1 year of renovating. It’s amazing to see what we’ve did already! And who doesn’t love a good before and after? Trust me, it’s good. Article HERE.

This year was all about expecting Mia and so we created a room for her. I’ve blogged about every step along the way, everything bebe’s room related can be found HERE.

My absolute favorite DIY this year was this marbled coffee table. Such a great success since we still use it everyday! And so easy, click THIS link for the original article.

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