Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

We’re married! (pt 1: my wedding bouquet)


I got married! Last thursday we had a beautiful day and I got hitched to the most beautiful man I know. After 5 years of dating, 2 years engaged and our 4th house together we took it to the next level and now wear wedding rings. Now I can call him my husband, so cool!

I am planning on doing a few blogposts about our wedding because I obviously really love talking about it. But also I love to share a few tips to have a carefree wedding and staying within budget. This first part is dedicated to my wedding bouquet because it’s too pretty not to share.

I went to several florists but I really didn’t feel they could fulfill my request. I didn’t want a formal bouquet, just a happy bunch of flowers. So, after being disappointed a few times, I contacted Judith Slagter whom I met via Instagram. She is such a nice girl and she immediately was so enthusiastic about my request. So after a few mails and a co-hosted Pinterest board she was ready to make me a beautiful bouquet. And boy, it was pretty! Let’s look at some pictures.




Judith Slagter has a beautiful blog where she regularly posts blogposts about flowers. Everything you need to know you will find there. Always pretty pictures with the most amazing flowers. I’ve already learnt so much! So, if you like flowers, you should definitely take a look at her blog. Her Instagram can be find here. Thank you again so much Judith, for your help on making our day extra pretty!

Wedding pictures are by Hans Jellema, a very talented photographer from Leeuwarden (in the north of The Netherlands). Will share more of his work later!

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