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Learn how to do it yourself.

Men vs woman | interior style


DISCLAIMER: do not take this post too seriously

By following this blog you must know about my constant need of change interior wise . Men don’t like change. (another disclaimer: don’t take the all-men-and-woman-are-the-same too serious). Although my fiancé is quite okay with almost everything happening day in day out in our house, sometimes it’s a challenge. Sometimes I actually forget that I live with another human being in one house. Yeah, I just admitted that. So, I decided to write a post about all the stuff that cóuld happen when a man and a woman share a house. Did I tell you already to not take this too seriously?


Women: we need a new bed
Men: you always say our bed is so comfy!
Women: maybe, but it’s so ugly

Women: I went to IKEA, I needed nothing but look at these beautiful candles I bought!
Men: €30 on candles? Ugh, and they’re the smelly kind!

(you know what? I think men love candles but they just don’t want women to know!)

Women: I bought 8 pillows to brighten up our couch
Men: i HATE pillows, they’re so annoying when I want to relax

Women: o my god, these new small coffee tables I bought are so cute! and only €150 each!
Men: I hate them, they’re so small I can’t even put my beer there! wait.. what? €150?

Women: I bought new bedsheets, pink is thé color for 2015 to sleep in
Men: what the **** do I care what color my bedsheets are? are they soft and silky?

(okay, maybe they won’t use the word “silky”..)

Women: I bought this beautiful Andy Warhol poster, all the way from Stockholm!
Men: you did what? wasn’t Andy Warhol a big d**che anyway? do you even care?

Women: no we can’t throw away old cans and glasses, what were you thinking!?
Men: *sigh*, do we have to keep every garbage because you might use it one day?

Women: in our next house we definitely need an extra room for all my clothes and shoes
Men: sure honey, that’s fine, I’ll take an extra job *sarcasm off*

Women: we need a new couch, this one’s not comfy enough
Men: that’s because you bought 20 pillows!

Women: lately I saw a pink wall in a living room, I loved that!
Men: we will NOT have a pink wall in our house
Women: oh yes we will

Women: I bought this chair for only €600, look, it’s so beautiful!
Men: €600!? What were you thinking? Oh wait.. It’s very comfortable..

Women: look at this beautiful marble plate I bought, recently I saw a kitchen that had a marble top, so pretty..
Men: I thought we both hated marble?
Women: not anymore, i LOVE it!

Men: maybe we should change something about the living room
Women: NO, it’s perfect the way it is. don’t you dare!


Recognizable? I know right? If you had a laugh, please leave a reaction. Have a great day!

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