Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Mia 2!

My baby turned 2 yesterday! It was a great day, we spent it with our friends & family and I especially loved the table filled with food at the end of the day, when we enjoyed diner as a big group. I was really looking forward to her birthday. Of course, time flies by and they grow up so fast so it would be easy to say I was not ready for her second birthday yet. On the other hand I realize that I am one lucky duck with a happy and healthy 2-year old. So I am counting my blessings! And thank you all for the many birthday wishes yesterday via Instagram for Mia ♥

I wanted to do a little blog about it with my favorite photos of last year. It’s so cool seeing your daughter grow from a almost-not-a-baby-anymore into this tiny person. So, these are my favorite photos. From september 2017 to september 2018, from the #MiaoohMia hashtag on my Instagram.

november 2017, her first “real” winter coat

january 2018 (iPhone photo)

january 2018, the “give me another baby” photo

february 2018, her fave spot in the kitchen drawer

march 2018

april 2018

april 2018

april 2018, her first bike

june 2018 (iPhone photo)

june 2018, just like mommy ♥

june 2018, just like mommy ;)

july 2018, “posing” for my camera

august 2018, the “guess she likes lasagne” caption (iPhone photo)

august 2018, the photo for her birthday invitation

And september 2018, her 2nd birthday. You are so loved ♥

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