Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

My new years resolutions

My new years resolutions

Happy new year! Can you believe it’s 2019 already? I know, crazy.. So I thought to myself, what better way to start the new year with a blogpost with my resolutions for 2019. And while I don’t necessarily believe in new years resolutions, I consider these more part of my “new life”, so to speak. A lot of them have a link with my search for a more sustainable life, so they’re not necessarily for the new year, but a resolution anyway. Let’s go :)

1. Less time on my smartphone

I’ve written about this struggle on my Instagram a few times already, and I’ve had a little Social Media break in the last week of december. I really (really!) enjoyed it and it feels good to be a little less attached to my iPhone. Especially if I can spend the time I gain with our daughter Mia, of course.

2. More thriftshopping

I’ve always stated that our interior is a mix of vintage, design, ikea & DIY. And while it still is, I did notice that in the last year a lot of design entered our house. This is thanks to a few great investments we made and to a few great collaborations I got to with brands. But, I feel I’m in need of more vintage in my life. More unique pieces, more quirky items. I’ve already had my first thriftshop visit this year and I’ve scored some very cool items, that made me so happy (to be continued here on the blog, of course). So here’s to more thriftshopping in 2019!

3. More photography work

Of course one of my goals for 2019 is to grow my business. Grow my blog, etcetera. But mostly I’m hoping to grow my photography work. I’ve had some amazing shoots in december, that I will share here on the blog. I’m hoping to grow my portfolio with more precious newborns, gorgeous families, fashion shoots and so on. I love photographing the most of all my jobs, so it’s one of my goals for this year. If you’re interested in a shoot, don’t hesitate to contact me via info@donebymyself.nl.

4. Finish our renovation

Bam, there I said it. After almost 4 years, it’s time to set this goal. And while we have an old house and we’ll always have maintenance, I’m really really hoping we can finish our last 2 big projects in 2019. We have a room in our attic left, that will be our next project. After that we want to renovate our utility room, that’s next to our kitchen. We will do this during summer time, as this means we can store some stuff in the garden and it’s the most practical. So, can we make it? Fingers crossed! Check out my renovating category to see all the projects we already finished.

5. More sustainability in our life

Sustainability has become a big subject in our life and it feels good to say that we’ve made some steps towards a more sustainable life. I’ve stopped buying fast fashion since a few months, almost don’t eat meat anymore, switched to natural skincare products and natural fibers for clothing like cotton/wool/silk. Also happy to say that we we’re able to reduce our waste (garbage wise). We’ve isolated our home even more and while we would love to have solar panels, sadly we’re not allowed since our house is a monumental building with protected front view. I love reading about sustainability and I’m still learning so can’t wait to see what more changes we can make to our life to become more sustainable.

6. Plan a summer holiday

We haven’t had a proper summer holiday in the last 2 years, because of our renovation, work and so on. I really want to have a summer holiday this year, I feel we deserve it. We haven’t made up our mind about our plans, but that’s fine. I don’t really mind what type of holiday it will be, as long as we can have some family time in a sunny country. Allright, so I may already have one demand ;)

So what are your resolutions? Do you do new year resolutions or do you believe more in resolutions for life? Please share ♥

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