Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

My top 5 cleaning tips with Method

My top 5 cleaning tips with Method

If you are a follower on my Instagram, you know I am very interested in living a more sustainable life. I eat vegan, wear vintage/secondhand clothing, I’ve reduced my plastic in our bathroom, etcetera. But did you know you can make a big difference when it comes to sustainability, with your cleaning products?

When I started reading into sustainability, this subject came up pretty quickly and we immediately switched to products that were a lot more friendly to nature than lets say, bleach. Cleaning brand Method was one of them from the start, so I’m very happy I can collaborate with them now, and share my love for their products.

As I mentioned before, their products are friendly to nature. You can read more about that HERE, if you like! Their bottles are 100% recycled plastic, and last but not least, the smell is amazing. If that doesn’t make your cleaning routine a little better, I don’t know what else. So let’s share my tips, how I make my cleaning routine more fun.

  • Add music (or a podcast)

Music makes all the difference, right? Add a nice upbeat song and dance along. Sounds corny, but it totally works. If you want something a little more informative, you can replace the music with a podcast. That’s a win win! I will admit with a 3-year old around, a podcast isn’t always that practical. But if it works for you, you go! My favorite cleaning (or work) music is Ariana Grande, sue me, ha! A podcast I love, is Crime Junkie. If you’re into true crime, this is so good.

  • Use sprayers

Using a spray item is so much more easy, than having to make soapy water. If I do a big cleaning routine throughout the house, I don’t do this. But for instance our vintage glass coffee table that needs cleaning so often, or if you quickly want to clean the window sills, sprayers are so darn handy. It makes cleaning much easier.

  • Use nature-friendly cleaning products

It truly feels better to use products you know are not harmful for our planet. It’s makes me very happy to see more and more products in our house and knowing that we’re doing this for a good cause.

  • Involve your kids

This probably won’t work with 17-year olds, but it definitely works with 2/3-year olds. At least with mine! When you’re cleaning, simply hand them a cleaning cloth and let them do it with you. Add in some nice music, and make some fun.

  • Treat yourself!

Always reward yourself when you’ve cleaned the house. Wether it’s a piece of chocolate or a nice walk outside, it’s always good to have a goal to work to.

One last tip (or parent hack) for these lockdown-times where we have to wash our hands so often: put several hand soaps next to your tap, and let your child pick which one they will use. Involving kids is always a good idea, and this tip works like a charm with my daughter. It gives them some autonomy and distracts them from the actual chore. Hope this works for you too!

So, did these tips feel helpful to you? Cleaning is definitely not one of my hobbies, but making it easier and fun really helps. And a big thanks of course to Method for wanting to make a change with their products, and collaborating with me for this post. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love, Marrit

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