Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


Ever since I posted the picture above on my blog and Instagram, I received a lot of questions. People noticed that this new setup meant we didn’t have a TV in the livingroom anymore, and how and why we did that. I thought I’d write a blogpost on it, and the reason is both personal and interior-wise.

The main reason is pretty simple: without a TV you have a lot more possibilities when it comes to the layout of your furniture. Usually a livingroom is very much centered around the TV. I once read someone saying a livingroom only focused on the TV looked “poor”. While I don’t necessarily agree with that bold statement, I did get the point. That way a livingroom is not an invite for a good conversation or family gatherings, but simply a place to hang in front of the TV.

But there is also another reason for me to ditch the TV from the livingroom. I found myself watching TV every night, even if I didn’t like what was on. Aimlessly putting on your TV, without thinking of anything else to do that would probably be a lot more fun. And when I realized that, I knew it had to change. So while we were organizing our livingroom for a photoshoot, we thought it was the perfect timing for a social experiment: no TV in the livingroom. And so far, so good! (oh and for those of you wondering: we don’t have a TV in the bedroom or anywhere else. So no TV in the livingroom in this case, means no TV anywhere :)

This no TV experiment lead me into this great new layout for the livingroom. And I love it! It feels very inviting and we find ourselves sitting on these chairs a lot of the times. And when we have visitors, it feels very inviting to sit in front of each other. And no big black screen to ruin our view, isn’t that great?

But okay, a little confession might be in place as well: once a week we take out the TV to watch a program we both love and want to view live. It’s on for a few more weeks, so we just go with it. And a second confession: we will probably go for a new TV later on, since good-looking TV’s are entering the market. We love the Samsung Serif serie, a TV that stands on it’s own. And I also read about TV’s that you hang on the wall and display an art piece while it’s turned off. So finally they are getting us! We need the TV to be incorporated, instead of being an obstacle.

So I dare you, will you join me in this no TV experiment? Try it for at least a week, see what it will bring for your livingroom layout and see what other fun things you’ll do now that you don’t watch TV anymore. For instance: I finished two books in the weeks without TV, where I haven’t finished a book for months before. I challenge you <3

5 thoughts on “No TV”

  • Hoer ook al een jaar of 2 geen tv meer! Min of meer om dezelfde redenen. We kijken programma’s terug via laptop of tablet! Sommige mensen vinden t maar raar, maar mij bevalt t prima!

  • Ik heb vrij lang geen tv gehad, maar uiteindelijk toch een kleintje gekocht voor verkiezingsuitslagen. Ik werk een aantal avonden per week, dus volg niets wat je iedere week moet kijken.
    Maar toen ging ik samenwonen en mijn partner kijkt sport, daar heb je blijkbaar een groter scherm voor nodig dan een iPad. Dus nu hebben we “zijn” tv staan. Als deze stuk is, gaan we waarschijnlijk voor een projector, ook leuk voor als we film kijken.

  • Wat leuk dat je er over schrijft Marrit. Heb t me eigenlijk vaak afgevraagd. Zocht ook wel eens in de foto’s… waar zou ze de tv dan hebben? ;)
    Begrijp je punt. Zelf hebben we m weggestopt in een kast.

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