Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Photoshoot with Intratuin & Jim Bakkum

Every once in a while you need to throw yourself out of your comfortzone, in my case it’s posing for photos. I am a photographer myself and love how that allows me to stay behind the camera, instead of facing it. But, some experiences are too good to pass on, like this one. A campaign by Intratuin to promote their “Zomerbloeiers”. A flowerwall and Jim Bakkum as photographer, I just had to.

Lately I find myself so inspired by nature and suddenly I feel bummed about our small garden. We are trying to make the most out of it so this year we already planted 3 trees and loads of greens and colorful flowers. In this time of year nature is exploding and I cannot wait to see the result of our hard work. I will post some photos here on the blog for sure, but I want to wait a little longer as our hydrangeas are not blooming yet. To be continued!

If it’s up to Intratuin, 2019 our gardens will look like color bombs. And I love that, because nature offers us so many beautiful colors – look at the photo above! You can find more on Intratuins Inspiration page, I especially love this article.

Thank you Intratuin & Jim Bakkum for this experience and photo! ♥

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