Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

SPAAK Groningen

SPAAK: a new cafe in the city of Groningen. A while ago I was asked to help decorate this new place. You can imagine my excitement: what a cool thing to do! It has been open for some time now and I am giving you a sneak peak on the blog today.

SPAAK is a cafe focused on cycling, cycle racing to be exact. So next to coming in for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, you can watch courses there (like the Tour de France) and they also organize cycling events. But while the focus is mainly on cycling, it still needed to be a place where everyone is welcome. Trust me, it’s worth a visit!

When the owners started this project I joined them for the appointment with the estate agent and I was inspired by the building immediately. Big, with the possibility to create different ares for different purposes. It was a project where the owners and I worked together in the best possible way: they obviously had some ideas and I advised them how to use those in a practical and budget friendly way. I also helped them to create some great cycling-themed accessories, such a great addition to the interior. You see the lamps hanging from the ceiling, made from wheels in the image below? Aren’t they great?

When you enter you see a bar made from OSB, a dark colored chalk wall, vintage chairs and a unfinished wall. You should really have a visit if you’re in town and see the rest, it’s much bigger and such a nice place. And Groningen is a city worth visiting as well!

Both images above are made by Douwe de Boer, the picture below is from my Instagram while visiting SPAAK.

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