Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

To change or not to change: couch in bay window


I wrote a blogpost about “to change or not to change” before where I moved our dining table into the bay window. A week later everything was back to normal but my message to you was: try changing and you might like the result. If you’re interested in the previous article, read it HERE.

This time on a sunny Sunday I wanted to try moving our couch to the bay window. This idea had been stuck in my head for some time now and the only way to see what it looks like is trying. So I did and I think the result is pretty cosy.


It fits perfectly, it feels really “open” since the couch now facing into the livingroom instead of the TV and our new chair has a lot more space around it. I don’t know yet if it’s the perfect way, but I do like it. Watching TV turns out not to be such a problem, you can relax on the couch or on our chair. If you want to watch TV with 2 persons on the couch.. Okay that might be a problem! I can imagine that would be the dealbreaker for this new setting. (now tell me, why are we so focused on that TV? I feel in a lot of livingrooms the TV spoils a lot of furniture opportunities..)


This chair now even makes more of a statement in our room than it already did. To see what it looked like before, you can read this blogpost. I love it especially next to our Panthella light and HAY DLM table, it’s such a comfy nook.


So my advice to you is try out that idea, turn your dining table or move your couch. Be creative, yes we can!


Furniture info:
Couch: Ikea Karlstad
Plaid white/grey crosses: Pia Wallen
Coffee table: thriftshopped
Chair: Eames Lounge replica, via Marktplaats
Floor light: Panthella
Small table: Hay DLM
Gold trolley: thriftshopped
TV closet: Ikea Besta
Persian rug: Marktplaats

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