Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

We Are Knitters Chord

I knitted my second cardigan! If you’re a follower of this blog you may have seen my first knitting adventure, this grey oversized cardigan. And while that was a challenge to say the least, I loved this new hobby and knew I wanted to make more. I was gifted another knitting kit from We Are Knitters and I can finally show you the result!

I chose the Chord Cardigan, and I fell for the wide sleeves and because it’s made of merinowool. I’m a big fan of merino, for their soft and warm qualities.

This wool is knitted on 5mm needles, a big difference from my last project that was on 15mm. There were two big differences between this and the previous project; the size of the knitting needles and the technique. While I consider myself a beginner, I did learn how to knit on an early age, which meant I already knew the “knit stitch”. This Chord Cardigan is knitted entirely in knit stitch, which makes it a very easy project. The time that went into it however was a bit more than I expected. Obviously a huge part of that was because I was spoiled with using 15mm needles. I also had a little setback when my RSI struck up again, but eventually I could pick it up again (see what I did there?) and finish my project.

Knitting a cardigan is basically knitting 5 pieces and then sew them together: 2 fronts, the back & 2 sleeves. The patterns by We Are Knitters are very easy to follow and this project is truly suitable for beginners.

I knitted this cardigan in the “Forest Green” shade. It’s a color I usually never wear but I loved the shade and I love how my wardrobe is filled with all different types of colored knits. Whenever I would send a friend a knitting update, they all answered with their love for this color. It’s something special for sure!

I ended up knitting the back and front pieces a bit shorter – not intentionally at first but I’m quite the tight knitter and it sort of happened. As I’m short myself (1,64) I feel it suits my frame! I did spend much detail to the needed cm’s for the sleeves since those made me fall in love with this cardigan and I wanted those to succeed. They turned out great – I love oversized sleeves!

So that’s my second knitting project and definitely more to come. I’m very grateful to have found this new hobby, and as a matter of fact I already ordered a new project; this Louis Sweater in a bordeaux shade. I wear a lot of highwaist jeans and I love the cropped model. I will show you when it’s finished!

Thank you for reading and thanks to We Are Knitters for gifting me this cardigan. I am very happy they introduced me to my new hobby ♥

Love, Marrit

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