Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Where I buy my vintage clothes

In my quest for a more sustainable lifestyle I got rid of a big part of my wardrobe and created a capsule wardrobe. A lot of my wardrobe contains of vintage (or secondhand) pieces and I usually get a lot of questions about them. So, I thought I’d answer them once and for all and share my tips on where I buy my vintage clothing.

The picture above actually features a vintage jacket and thrifted shoes! I think it’s safe to say that in almost all my outfits nowadays something vintage pops up, since I have so much of it. It felt really good to make this change and this is something that feels good every day when you’re dressing yourself. In short; I would recommend to anyone to minimize their wardrobe and buy vintage ♥ Let me know if you’re interested in more posts surrounding my capsule wardrobe or outfits, happy to help!

So let’s dive in my tips on buying vintage and secondhand!

Facebook – by far my biggest source when it comes to vintage clothing. There are so many Facebook groups that allow you to buy or sell clothing, so I’m following a few of them and they simply pop up in my timeline. For me it’s the perfect way, because I don’t have to search for them. If I see something I like, I buy it. My favorites are Vintage Marketplace and Bohemian Marketplace. There are loads more, so a search through Facebook would be worth a while in your country.

Vestiaire & The Next Closet – These 2 websites/apps are focused on designer items, which makes it extra sustainable for me. With the price usually being a bit higher, you have to think some more before you make a purchase; always a good idea! I’ve bought a few items from Vestiaire, that are all very dear to me. A while ago I bought my first item on The Next Closet and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. What I love most about these sites is that you can mark items as a favorite which means they’ll be saved in your account. I find myself scrolling through my favorites every once in a while seeing which items I still like. I have a few designer bags saved I would love to purchase, and this system works really well.

Thriftstore – I’m not one to spend hours and hours browsing the thrift stores, but I did buy some great items here. I usually just focus on a few categories; coats, dresses, knitwear. The picture above this article actually contains two thrift store finds, the blazer and shoes. Cool, right?

Vintage shops – Of course you can buy vintage items in vintage shops – well doh. It simply means that someone else did the treasure hunting for you. It usually means the price is a bit higher, but let’s not forget vintage usually means better quality than items bought today. My favorites are Episode, Laura Dols & Indianaweg10, but of course there are many many more, offline and online. If you’re looking for vintage Levi’s (which I wear almost daily), Episode is your way to go!

Marktplaats/eBay/Etsy – Recently I made my first purchase via Etsy, but these are not options I go for often. But, if you have the time you can find true treasures here!

United Wardrobe – This is an app/website focused on secondhand, not especially vintage. I haven’t bought from it a lot, but as there is so so much offered there, it’s worth a while if you want to switch to secondhand shopping.

Variety Str – Yes, of course I had to include my own vintage shop in this. How could I not! I recently started Variety Street, an online shop in vintage interior, clothing and kids items. I do my best finding the most unique items for you, so would love it if you would start following my new adventure. Click HERE.

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