Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Jan de Jong Interieur

Whenever I get interviewed there is always a question if I can name a hotspot near me. I always give the same answer: Jan de Jong Interieur in my hometown Leeuwarden. But after a few times I realized there was no mention on my blog of this beautiful shop, so I thought it was about time..

You can imagine that with a shop of 1200m2 I could post a gazillion photos. I could, but it would spoil all the fun, am I right? I decided to simply highlight some of my favourite areas and it’s up to you to pay a visit. Jan de Jong is a store that will inspire you on all levels. Use of color, use of materials. All my favorite design brands together in one store, styled to perfection. You can feel, smell and see that this is done by professionals. I always feel so inspired when I pay a visit and want to change something in our house. And of course I always walk out with some new items on my wishlist.

Not only does Jan de Jong inspire you with their store, they also offer interior advice. Studio Slow is a design studio that can help you with your interior, wether it’s about small details or you’re looking for big changes. I am seriously considering booking a 2-hour interior advice from them. I am always open to new ideas and am positive the people that created such a beautiful store could help me a big deal in our house. It’s always great to receive some feedback from professionals!

Enough chitchat, let’s see some pictures! I hope these photos will give you an idea of the store and entice you to pay a visit. I usually stay away from creating high expectations but trust me, you will not be disappointed :)

Let’s go!

These pictures above to me really show the great use of materials this store displays <3

As you can see this store is not only about displaying furniture. They style items so well you could simply copy paste them to your house. They think a lot about details, for instance I love that they have a lot of plants. To me a house isn’t a home without plants, so I love seeing this in a store as well. I hope these pictures gave you an idea of this beautiful store and I am very curious what you think about it. Thank you for reading!

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