Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 11: update bedroom


You could wonder if an update on our bedroom is really a renovation post. Renovating is mostly about painting, flooring, dust and other stuff. But after all those steps, you want to make your house a home, by adding personal stuff and surround yourself with items you love. So if you ask me, putting up frames and things like that, definitely belongs to renovating!

I did updates on our bedroom before but I felt it was a bit empty for our taste. There was
something missing and that wasn’t only something hanging on the wall. So last week I asked my husband how he’d feel about a small table/workspace and he suggested we could put that in our bay window and move our bed. Never underestimate your husbands interior skills girls!

So we did, and now it feels right. Let me show you around!


Adding frames to your wall immediately spices up the room. We used an Moderna Museet Andy Warhol poster and the “G” from Playtype. Neutral posters, that don’t scream for
attention but blend in with the rest.


His side of the bed. The lamp is from the thrift shop, the “typography” print is from House Doctor.


My side of the bed. With the Hay Tray and some flowers there is no doubt which side the woman sleeps in. Am I right? ;-)


The small cards I bought at a local market last weekend and are from BD Designs. She makes a lot of other pretty stuff!


A small place so sit, work, read or relax which fits the bay window perfectly.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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