Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovating pt 8: our fireplace


I’m such a happy gal today! I finally got to finish our fireplace so that means blogging time. In every picture I posted on Instagram or on this blog, I felt like a spy since I always had to avoid this part of our livingroom. But now it’s here!

First, let me show you where we came from:


A big fat hole in the centre of our livingroom. So, we bought this:


Since I’m not really into these types of wood, this didn’t make me particularly happy. Hurray for paint! We knew from the beginning that we wanted a black fireplace. Something that would stand out! So at first I used white primer, which made me doubt wether a white fireplace maybe would be better. But I continued our initial idea and added two layers of black. Quite a job with all those detailing. Did you know I hate painting? I had to tell myself with every paint stroke I have to look at this paint job for approximately 10 years so it had to be done nicely. While a mental struggle, I survived!

Enough chitchat, let’s show some more pictures!



Still love the trolley I bought at the thriftshop (read about it HERE).


Since we haven’t decided if we want a stove or an open fireplace, I used these logs to fill up the ugly hole behind. Isn’t it nice?

Do you like our new fireplace? If you want more pictures of our livingroom, you can check this blogpost.

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  • Erg mooi gedaan zeg! Ik ben best een angsthaas wat betreft ‘bijzondere’ kleuren, en zwart is daar zeker een van. Maar het staat erg mooi en zeker mooier dan een gewone houten of een witte denk ik!

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