Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovating pt 9: bedroom no. 2


After sharing some renovation blogposts, I’ve heard you love before and after pictures. Me too! Or maybe I just love showing off our work. Anyhow! We finished our second bedroom! Which means finishing our first floor is coming to an end. In my experience, the meaning of the word “finishing” changes during renovating. None of our rooms have been totally finished yet, and I’m doubting they will ever be. But with white walls instead of flowery purple ones, I’m kinda happy anyway.

So let’s show you how it began.


Not my color and so sloppy, but that’s hard to transfer through pictures.


We wanted to make ourself a workplace and I really loved the idea of using our former dining table. I’ve made it myself, so throwing it away was not an option for me. And since I loved our Wishbone-esque chairs, I wanted to use them again. When you are a chair lover like me, you gotta love the idea of a second table where you can place at least 4 chairs!


So, we took out the floor, painted the ceiling, wallpapered the walls, put in white laminate and we where somewhat finished! I am keeping one part of the room for you, I’m saving that for a later blogpost. We built our own bookcase, and we are so proud. I’m sorry for being all 1 item per blogpost, I’m a bit overprotective. Will keep you updated on that later, I promise!

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