Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 12: our kitchen (and brick wall!)


Well it is finally time for an update on our kitchen. In my first ever renovation post here, I showed you a picture of our kitchen and said I was going to redo it on a small budget. Well that somehow changed. We are now 4 months along in our renovation, everything we did was done so nicely and then there was our kitchen.. Exactly the opposite of what we like. So, after much consideration and analyzing the current design, I realized if I wanted a nice kitchen, this one had to go. I could paint cabinets all I want, but the fact is the way it was built was the problem. Let me show you pictures.


As you can see it has an extended corner area, which I really dislike. The kitchen is quite small and it takes so much space which I think is a shame. When you have a small kitchen area, everything should be designed to make it look as spacious as possible. (Or at least in my humble opinion..) The shame is also that my arms are not long enough to reach the corner, so it’s an area we are not able to use and just takes up space, instead of being practical.



Cabinets hanging on your wall were standard in every kitchen design a few years ago but in most modern kitchens people choose not to, which I fully understand. It takes up a lot of space and we noticed – when they were removed – how our 2.80 meters high ceiling finally was shown in it’s full glory. Last night I was doing the dishes and my husband said: “wow, you look so small all of a sudden!”. Even though I am actually quite small, it makes a huge difference. ;-)

Our new kitchen will only have low kitchen cabinets on the floor. This way you accentuate the length of the room, instead of breaking it. This means our fridge had to move to our utility room. A small offer we make for our new kitchen.

So let’s get back to some pictures!


Brick wall brick wall brick wall!

When the previous owner of our house took out his dishwasher, I saw some bricks since there was now a hole in our kitchen. Could it be true? As it turned out, yes! It was a hell of a job to remove concrete, plaster and everything else that was covering the brick wall, but we did it. I will write a blogpost later about it, since there is so much to tell.


You can see the corner area that was covered before. What a difference!

The wooden area you see on the left was where the fridge was. Next to that on the left is a door leading to our living room. With the big fridge gone, it will be a more friendly “open” view when you enter the kitchen.


We removed a closet that was in the utility room and now have a hole in our wall. So much to do before we can install our new kitchen, but I’m very happy with what we did already and we’re taking our time. We want to take the old kitchen out as late as possible, since we won’t be able to cook then.

I will keep you updated on our kitchen renovation, hope you liked this one already!

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