Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 2


Another post about our renovation, this time with a lót of pictures! I now truly feel our whole life is twirling around the renovation. Paint on my forehead and I could sand the doors without sanding paper because my hands are not soft and silky like they used to be. This last wednesday the house was finally empty so we can now spread our time between the living room and bedroom – which we hope to finish before we move in. Ok, let’s just move to the pictures!


(don’t worry, we will paint it black ;-)

We bought ourselves a fireplace! I am really great we changed our decision, we first wanted a single stove but I felt the house needed a fireplace, so we bought one and I already love how it looks. It will become matte black and therefor a real eye-catcher.


I am very happy to say that all the wooden features in our living room are now painted. We chose a white glossy paint and I just love the chique look it gives. Next week the walls will be plastered so we will start by sanding and oiling our floor this thursday. I am really looking forward to finishing our living room!


Maybe you’ve read my blogpost “renovation pt 1” where you saw this orange carpet that covered our stairs. We gave my brother the delicious task to remove this carpet, which is pretty hard. It’s not entirely done yet, but I am regaining motivation to finish it.


Lovely wallpaper right?

Our bedroom as it used to be. We ripped off the wallpaper and I had someone to take out the closet. He was so happy with it – I was so happy he took it away :-)



A big hole in our bedroom, but the floor is removed and the walls are white again. We are going to wallpaper this room, which will be our first time but I am confident we will make it work and the room will be as good as new. We will put in a new closet (white, duh) and we will have a new white floor. Yes, our bedroom will be as white as heaven!


This room is next to our bedroom and it is currently our storage room. We will wallpaper this too, but it will take a while before we get to this room, I guess. Our whole first floor will have white laminate in it, I already love the thought of it.

We also have a second floor but I haven’t been taken pictures yet. These will definitely follow later!

So, that was part 2 of our renovation process! It’s a mess, but can you see the possibilities of this house? I really do, it will be beeauuutiifuulll :-)

4 thoughts on “Renovation pt 2”

  • Hoi!

    Ik vroeg me af of jullie de openslaande deuren naar de tuin en de raamkozijnen daaromheen eerst helemaal ontdaan hebben van verf, of gewoon over hebben geschilderd?

    Wij hebben ook zo een klus op ons staan wachten in het huis dat we net hebben gekocht. Omaat de verf erg vergeeld is. Alleen weet ik niet zeker wat verstandig is: helemaal kaalheid halen van verf en dan lakken of opschuren en dan een nieuw laagje lak eroverheen.

    Aangezien jij nu ervaring hebt, ben ik benieuwd!

    Groetjes, Yara

    • Hai Yara! We hebben de kozijnen alleen opgeschuurd. Alle verf verwijderen is een behoorlijke klus en als je kozijnen goed zijn – en de verflaag die er nu op zit prima – dan is dat niet nodig. Met nieuwe (goede!) verf moet dat prima kunnen zonder te vergelen. Bespaar niet op verf, mijn ervaring is dat duurdere verf echt beter is. En op terpentine basis verft het mooist. Heb je hier wat aan? :)

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