Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 3: our floor


Last thursday and friday we spent our days redoing our floor, and I love to share the result with you. It was actually easier then we thought it would be and we had some laughs (laughs during renovating, it’s a miracle!). Especially figuring out the sanding machine, yeah we had fun.

Here we go!


In the blogposts renovation pt 1 & renovation pt 2 you could see there is a beautiful oak floor of nearly 1 centimeter thick. Are we lucky or what! At first we wanted to have an expert to do our floor, but then we thought: if we mess up, there is still enough floor to redo and recover. And boy, am I glad we did it ourselves, because it wasn’t that bad after all and I think we saved ourselves lots of money. And a felt a big responsibility because I call myself a DIY-blogger, so I kinda didn’t have a choice right?


So we had a lot of fun when he tried to tame the sanding machine, that was hard but pretty funny. Eventually we found a YouTube clip that told us exactly how to use the machine so that is a tip I want to give you.


I looooved the result after sanding but unfortunately it is not realistic to keep the floor that way.


We chose a floor oil because we wanted a natural look of our floor, instead of a shiny one. We love the wood, so we didn’t want to cover that.


I have to honestly say we were both kinda scared when we saw the final result. At the Do-It-Yourself store they always say the oil is transparant but I knew it would make the floor a bit darker. But the final result showed us a pretty orange dark floor. I hate orange floors! But, after a day the oil settled down a bit and it will definitely look very different a year from now. I am still a bit bummed about the dark result, but I can get used to it.

We used a sponge to add the oil to the floor and then we used a paint roller to even it out, because you have to remove the excess oil. We spent 1 hour on oiling and 4 hours on sanding (with the machine, by hand some more hours to do the edges) so that’s okay. I would really recommend to try doing try doing it yourself, it can save tons of money and we thought the process was way less harder then we thought!

If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them. Have a great day! :)

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