Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 4: our bathroom


While at first I never thought the bathroom would be the first room we’d finish, it does make sense. We didn’t want to invest in our bathroom, but it had to somehow match the rest of our house. We painted the wood black, which we are so happy about! It totally gives the bathroom the edgy look we wanted.


Man, I love it!


This door leads to our hallway and stairs. Let me show you what it looked like before!


Amazing what a bit of paint can do right?


We were very lucky to find a beautiful large sink already in the house. We installed a new shower, that also changes the look of our bathroom a lot. We bought a bigger mirror and a closet at Ikea to cover up all the ugly holes that were made. How very convenient!


I love our bathroom and I especially love having one dust-free room in the house. It cost us around €250 and we are very happy we made this small investment.

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