Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 5: bedroom


This weekend we spent all of our time on our soon-to-be bedroom. Maybe you will recognize that moment during renovation/moving when you think: time flies by way too fast! Well, we had that moment last thurday. We want to move this saturday so we really had to finish our bedroom so we can put our bed there and have a nice place to sleep. Let me walk you through our activities this weekend.


First we wallpapered the walls, which was our first time doing that. I could include a picture of myself in very non-sexy clothes working my ass off, but at the end I decided to just stay behind the camera, if you don’t mind ;-)


Remember this? We took out the flooring and the beautiful – cough cough – wallpaper.


A week ago I bought white laminate floor so when we were done painting the walls (blue!) we were ready to lay the floor. It is a floor from Ikea, and i lóve it.


After a few hours we were done and jumping for joy. What a difference some paint and a new floor can make, right?


This is still an ugly part in our bedroom but we will have a big closet there that will cover up all the ugly unfinished walls. I can’t wait to have a big closet for all our clothes!

We are very excited to be moving in next weekend and being able to spend all our time on renovating instead of still having to take care of our “old” house. What do you think of our bedroom?

3 thoughts on “Renovation pt 5: bedroom”

  • Haha! Er waren heel wat ‘before’ slaapkamerposts… Mooi geworden. Zag hier dat je over je radiator verven twijfelde, maar kon op je nieuwste post niet zien of je het al had gedaan. Mijn advies: doen! Het is niet moeilijk en zo’n fijn resultaat. Licht opschuren, bus radiatorlak in heel veel dunne lagen er op spuiten en klaar.
    Leuk om je blog te lezen! Wij zijn ook aan het verbouwen, maar zitten nog in fase ‘krot’.

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