Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 7: livingroom update


Hurray for curtains! After feeling like we lived in a showroom for 5 weeks finally we have some curtains for our front window. There are so many options to go for, so we took our time. Things like keeping it within budget and other wishes can be tough to decide on. We chose cellular blinds (yes, this Dutch girl had to use Google Translate for that) and pretty happy about it!


The main reason why we chose these blinds is because our front window is facing south – so sun all day long. I love that and we didn’t want to loose that when we would close the curtains for some privacy. These blinds can be opened “buttom up and top down”. Like you see in the pictures above you can adjust it any way you like which means that we now have privacy when we sit on our couch, but we still have a lot of sun lighting up our room. Perfect!


I thought this blogpost could also be a nice way to give you a further update on our livingroom. I use Instagram a lot to show off small changes, but it would be nice to show it here.
I changed our dining table because somehow it didn’t feel right. I didn’t know specifically what was wrong, but I like this one prettier. Our room feels bigger and more fresh.



While I have some wishes for this area of our livingroom I quite like it this way. The lockers look fresh as a daisy on our wooden floor!


The flowers we used on our wedding day are still so pretty so I’m milking it as long as I can. What a great way to relive our wedding! Doesn’t it look absolutely dashing?

There are 2 parts of our livingroom I’m not showing yet. Our TV area is unfinished so not pretty enough to make it on my blog. If I’m being totally honest here, unless covered I’m not sure any TV area can be pretty. So we’re searching for a solution, will have to keep you updated on that!

I’m also not ready to show you our fireplace since it’s not finished yet. I’m going for the big bang effect so I will only show it (off) here when completely finished.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!

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  • I like! Ik vind jullie warme houten vloer zo mooi! Ik ben zelf niet zo heel erg van veel witte meubels, maar ik vind het wel mooi combineren en het past bij jullie huis!

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