Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Artemide Tolomeo

While we are patiently – cough cough – waiting for the new dormer and windows for our project attic, I can’t help myself already decorating the rooms we will have then in my mind. The second floor will consist of a landing and 2 rooms. 1 room will become our office, with a spot to work on and storage for our administration. So I am already thinking about what desk would be great there and other office accessories. One thing I am already certain of is that our office should have an Artemide light. My husband and I are big fans of this brand ever since we first saw it, especially the Tolomeo line. I just love the simple look of it, the design by Michele De Lucchi is so minimalistic.

So while we are waiting, I gave this Tolomeo Micro table lamp a spot in the window sill of our bay window. I have a thing for lights in window sills. They create the perfect still-life and, it looks really cosy from the outside, a soft light coming from the window.

When creating a still-life make sure to vary with height. One tall item in the back or to the side, smaller items in the front. And if you ask me – adding plants is always a good idea, and pretty easy to style. In this case it really softens up the modern setting.

It can be challenging to create the right atmosphere when it comes to lightning. Vary with direct and non-direct lighting. For instance in our livingroom, we have 2 lights that spread the light evenly throughout the room and we combined this with lights that only light up a small area. Make sure that every corner is highlighted, and table lamps are the perfect way to do this. You can place them anywhere.

So before I can move this light upstairs, it stays here. It matches so well with the Diamond chair with its silver aluminium!

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  • Deze lampen zijn denk ik toch wel mijn lievelingslampen. Boven het aanrecht hebben we 2 wandlampen en boven de eettafel de plafondlamp (die 350 graden rond kan draaien). Er staan er nog wel wat op ons verlanglijstje.

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