Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Artifort Kho Liang Ie

There it is; our new couch! Or well, new.. This is a vintage Artifort Kho Liang Ie which I bought via Catawiki. We were looking to replace our IKEA couch with a (preferably vintage) new one, and this was such a lucky find I still can’t believe it.

A couch can make or break any sitting area, if you ask me. And while we thought our previous IKEA couch was perfectly fine to look at and comfy, we were looking to replace it with something a little less, well, “couch-y”. Something that would be appealing enough to look at, a statement on it’s own. Next to it being more sustainable, this was also a reason for us to look vintage.

We didn’t know what we were looking for exactly, and with that came our fear of the price a new couch would cost us. We weren’t ready to spend a fortune on something that was simply because of looks – our old couch was fine, after all. But, as you might know, I am the queen of bargains and lucky finds, and so on one night I saw this vintage Artifort Kho Liang Ie on Catawiki. I didn’t know what price it would eventually go for, but I knew it was something I wanted to keep track of. I also knew my husband would love this design, as he’s a fan of minimalistic furniture. The grey color was perfect as well, because it meant it wouldn’t need immediate reupholstering. We do have the wish to eventually replace the fabric, but this can wait.

So while on a family weekend, I checked and checked the auction of this couch. And I bought it! I had to pick it up by car, and it was quite the drive but if I know me, you know I love these trips. Now let’s stop rambling on and show you the couch, right?

With the black metal base and a beautiful grey fabric, it fits perfectly into our current sitting area.

With this couch being a lot smaller and more minimalistic than our previous couch, I did find it somewhat of a challenge to make it work again. The previous couch was very puffy and this couch is not. Luckily a while back we added some heavy velvet curtains and the big plant also helped in filling the gaps. I also think this couch works a lot better next to that beautiful Togo chair. In this post you can see that it was quite “puffy” with both furniture next to each other.

Facing the couch is my fave living room corner, which you can see more of in this post.

So that concludes the story of our new couch! Hope you liked reading about it. It will be on the blog again soon, since I have some great new cushions on the way. To be continued!



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