Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Bay window daybed

A new addition to our living room; this daybed Johanneke by Karwei. A while back I attended an event hosted by Karwei and I immediately fell in love with the look of this daybed. I have always loved the idea of a daybed – a place to relax in the middle of your livingroom. And next to that, I loved this print! The leaf-pattern in those beautiful autumn colors. So fitting for our current season.

The addition of this daybed meant we had to move around some furniture. I didn’t particularly bought it for our livingroom, I did want to see if it would fit but if it didn’t, I knew some other spots it would look great in. My husband though, was a big fan of the daybed as well and it was in fact him who created this livingroom layout.

So in the end this daybed turned out to be the perfect size for our bay window. I never thought we would be able to have such a setup in our livingroom, but as it turns out it’s possible! I love this setting because it allows us to use every corner – and even more practical when more people are involved. Inside I chuckle when I see our visitors doubt which seat they will take with all those choices around. I love the cosiness this square creates.

I am a fan of mixing patterns and this is a perfect example of how you can mix a lot of colors and patterns and it still works. Very inspired by this at the moment!

I’ve said it before here on the blog and I will continue to say it; so much more possibilities will arise when you remove your TV from the livingroom. This wall used to be our “TV-wall” and all the beautiful items we have here now, wouldn’t be there as the TV would block them all. I haven’t missed the TV at all, and this is by far my favorite wall to style. The Asian folding screen, the brass trolley & the light are all vintage finds I love so much.

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Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Love, Marrit

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