Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Bertoia Diamond


This beautiful Bertoia Diamond chair entered our house this week! Therefor we made some small changes in the livingroom, and I will show you today.


My husband felt that with the new layout of our livingroom, the livingroom was a bit too “open”. Open in a way that there was no distinction between living – and eating area. Our livingroom is one open space which can make it difficult to achieve cosy corners so we were on a hunt for a new chair.


In my search for a new chair I wanted it to have a low frame and some transparency. Because this way it wouldn’t take up too much space while being placed in the middle of the livingroom. Next to having a low frame this Diamond chair is almost transparant because of the netting, which is just perfect. This way we have something to divide the two functions of our livingroom, but it still feels very open, just the way we like it.


The chair came with two black cushions but I left those off and added a sheepskin for some comfort and cosiness.


As you can see we made some other changes in the livingroom as well with the Ikea Besta cabinets moving up to the other side of the room. It just feels so much more calm now, with more symmetry around our fireplace. I will show you more of the new livingroom later on this blog! Oh and man that plant is getting BIG!

The white side table is by HAY and called DLM, find it here.

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