Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Crisp Sheets

A new bedroom wall color means we had to get new bedding, am I right? It was a case of bad luck I just bought new bedding for our bedroom, in a light blue color. You can imagine that didn’t look too good next to the new dark blue walls.. So I did a new attempt on finding us a new pair of bedding, that made our bedroom even prettier than it was already.

I found this beautiful brand Crisp Sheets via Instagram, I am a follower of their account. I’ve loved their “Dots” bedding you see here from the beginning, it looks so fresh. I was looking for white bedding, since I want our bedroom not to get too dark. And there is actually a great story to tell about this brand! The name “crisp” comes from the technique they use on their products, which means it will always feel like you are sleeping in freshly washed bedding. Ain’t that amazing?

I just love how the white bedding stands out against the dark blue walls. While I said I was done with white walls, I am nowhere done with the freshness of white details in a home.

New bedding is great way to update your bedroom, I’ve written about this in a previous blogpost called “The effect of duvet covers”. And it’s true, you can completely transform your bedroom by simply changing the covers. If you’re doubting on adding more colors to your bedroom, simply try a colored cover first. You will not be disappointed by the effect :)

So I feel that with this latest addition to the bedroom, it’s finished now. When you make a change usually some others changes will have to follow and this was the last one. It’s 10AM in the morning, but I already can’t wait to dive in :)

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