Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Design House Stockholm Block Lamp – review fonQ.nl


OK, tell me your first thought. Was it: “what’s that, a cube of ice?”. It was my first thought when I saw this Block Lamp for the very first time. I love quirky designs like this, that don’t take themselves too seriously. And with the glass surrounding this light, it creates the most beautiful warm light.


I was looking for a light to put on our IKEA Besta closet for a long time now. It didn’t have to be big, but I like my items to make some kind of statement. A lot of items I thought were too boring, until I stumbled across this brand. All their items have a certain edge, and I love that.


I’m pretty sure this lamp will stay at this spot, but it’s also very suitable as a night light since it’s not too bright. I love looking at it from my couch, I sometimes even turn it on during the day. It’s all about those little things in live right?

Thank you for reading!

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