Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Fest Amsterdam

I know this bedroom has been popping up a lot of my blog since we painted the walls, but this radical change inspires me so much. We went from an all-white bedroom (see here) to this cosy, hotel like room that we love so much. We didn’t have to get used to this change at all, which is surprising since it was pretty drastic. But it simply means that is was a good change :)

The change of white bedroom walls to dark blue also meant a change in my decorating style. For the last years I always went for white, fresh, light and more of those keywords. In the last months, I keep choosing colors to create a cosy and comfy room. Our livingroom went from white to pink, our attic is mostly dark green, so yeah, some big changes are happening. And color just keeps making me happy! So therefor I thought I needed to add a second color to the bedroom.

I’ve been a fan of the beautiful brand FEST ever since they started out. Their couches are so good! Comfy, great choice of colors and making a statement which I love. I really love their mustardy shade of yellow, so this plaid is the perfect colorful addition to our bedroom.

When I want a plaid for the bedroom, I am talking about a plaid that covers the whole bed. I love those knitted plaids, they look so good draped over the bed. But they do not keep you warm and they are just for decoration. So I love them, but I guess I am too practical for them, haha. So when choosing a plaid you should know what you’re aiming for; simply decorating or more practical. I chose this one because it adds some more color to our bedroom and is really warm. In our old house the bedroom usually doesn’t even reach 15 degrees, so we can use all the extra isolation we can get. So this plaid from FEST checks all the boxes we need!

I also added the plant from our dining table to the bedroom. With the Christmas tree entering our livingroom I needed to make space and the bay window in our bedroom felt a little empty anyway. I love big plants!

So a little more color for our bedroom and a little warmth for the cold winter months. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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