Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

FLOS Mayday light


You know those items you love for such a long time but somehow you never get around ordering them? In my case this FLOS Mayday lamp is one of those items. The design triggered me immediately when I saw it for the first time, I love items with a twist. Items that make your guests ask about it, because it looks so different than what they are used to.


I love the brand FLOS a lot but most items are pretty pricey. This light retails under €100 which makes it more affordable. It is designed by
Konstantin Grcic who designed a lot of items “with a twist”. Click the link above to see more of his work, I really like the “Chair One” he designed for Magis as well. A new item on the wishlist, I guess :)


The fun thing about this light is that you can use it on the floor as well as hanging on the wall or ceiling. I love this light for our guestroom, for our guests to use before they go to bed.


While you would think this light shines very bright, you can see from this photo that it’s light is actually very soft. I love it! I feel this soft light makes this light suitable for homes as well, where other “industrial” lights have very white light where they are not as cosy.


I think it looks really good next to our green sleeping couch, don’t you think? I really wanted a light in this room for when our guests sleep over. It is so practical to have a light next to the bed, and in this room we only had a light hanging on the ceiling. It is so annoying when you have to leave the bed just to switch off the light. With this one, you just unplug it from the power point and you’re done. So, very practical!

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