Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Ikea Besta in our livingroom


Ever since we moved into this new house I felt those Ikea PS lockers we had in our livingroom were too big. I really like them but they didn’t work. I love Ikea’s Besta system for a while now so that seemed like a good alternative. Now we still have a closet to store our stuff – how very practical of us – but it’s also fashionable.


In theory these Besta cabinets are the exact same size as the PS lockers, but they can be placed against the wall, where the lockers couldn’t because of a power point. We’re thinking about hanging them on the wall since I really like that, but for now we like this too. We can always hang them later!


Our vintage amplifier, our Crosley turntable (perfect wedding gift!) and this Vitra toolbox look very pretty here! This week on donebymyself.nl is all about changes, have you read about our new Ay Illuminate light above our dining table?

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day :)

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