Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

IXXI in our kitchen


Are you familiair with IXXI? This wall deco company offers a wide range of beautiful images, and I fell in love with this still life by De Heem from the Rijksmuseum immediately. Doesn’t it look fab next to our brick wall?


When you go to IXXI’s website you can choose between their collection of images, but you can also use one of your own pictures. I love the originality of that too, but this image wouldn’t go out of my head.
First I thought of hanging it in our livingroom but my husband had the brilliant idea to put it in our kitchen. Perfect!


When you receive your IXXI at home it is a bit of a DIY project, but not hard at all. You lay out the IXXI on your table and just click the X’s into the holes. Can you guess where the name IXXI came from? Exactly, the connectors are I’s (for the sides) and X’s. Very easy.

The great thing about IXXI is also that it’s so lightweight, so you can hang it anywhere with just some tape or that thing I call “chewing gum”. Do you know these gum-like sticky things? They work perfectly if you want to hang something and avoid holes in your wall. Since the IXXI doesn’t weigh a thing, this is a great solution.


For more inspiration on all the possibilities, visit IXXI’s inspiration page. I’ve had a lot of fun checking out the beautiful designs from other people.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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