Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Kitchen styling

I never considered myself the best stylist when it comes to those still-lives, but in recent months I challenged myself to practice this more and what do you know, I suddenly find myself enjoying it! I love setting up these images using our kitchen as it’s a good blanc canvas. White tiles for a good basic, but the brick wall adding a bit of contrast.

Because I got myself a new styling item I thought I’d show you how I set up these images on the blog. So let’s go!

I got myself this Stone platter by Tom Dixon. I have always loved this brand as it uses luxury materials, like copper, brass and in this case, marble. They give an interior an instant update so I find myself browsing the collection a lot.

And while I’m pretty sure Tom Dixon designed this as a food accessory, doing food styling was a little too much out of my comfort zone, so I tried something different. And if I’m being honest I’m never really bothered by the original function of a product, I use it as I want to! So at first I tried it as a platter for our hand – & dish soap, which I already really like. Now let’s go back to that kitchen styling I was talking about..

I always start off with some height. On one hand to cover up the electrical socket in our kitchen, but when it comes to styling you always want to vary in shapes and sizes, so I start off by adding height first. And like I said you also need some different shapes, so this round platter comes in handy to soften up those rectangular boards in the back.

Then I added some food related items and kept it simple but.. Still feel like I’m missing something.

There we go! I can only speak for myself, but I always need a little contrast so I needed to insert a darker color. I usually always add some plants or flowers in them as well, to add some nature. So this was the perfect addition.

So that’s how I do it! Thinking about doing these posts more, so please let me know what you think.

And when I clear up my styling project, this is what I end up with. I always love plates lined up in kitchen, the perfect accessory. So if you’re in need of some kitchen accessories my answer would be more cutting boards, always ♥

PS. This post is written as part of a longterm collaboration with MisterDesign. I only works with brands & shops I love!

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