Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Muuto Elevated

Muuto Elevated, a name that makes a lot of interiorlovers’ heart skip a beat. This vase, with it’s combination of glass and wood, is just perfect. Available in green, grey and pink I had a hard time choosing but I chose pink and I absolutely love it.

Our house always has fresh flowers in it. It feels empty without it, and not cosy at all. I have a florist right around the corner of our house that let’s me pick my own flowers, I love these bouquets of wild flowers. I just walk in and say: “one of these, two of these” etcetera. Just the way I like it!

One of my favorite blogs is by Judith Slagter, she made my wedding bouquet and she is amazing with flowers. I’ve learned a lot from her since I found her via Instagram and especially when I met her the day before our wedding. She not only made my wedding bouquet but dressed up the place with some flowers and I loved seeing her work. A while ago she wrote a blogpost about how to make a great bouquet, that blogpost can be found HERE.

In the bouquet above I chose a lot of green, which I usually don’t. I just pick a few (colorful) flowers and put them in a vase. Like this:

The Muuto Elevated vase is perfect because it isn’t that wide from above. Therefor you just need a few flowers to make it look good. This way it won’t cost you that much since a big bouquet can get quite expensive. This vase can brighten up any home and while I know it’s pretty expensive – I hope it will last a lifetime in our house. And I really love that we now have an item by the beautiful brand Muuto, as crazy as that sounds. I’m a brand-geek, I confess.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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