Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Muuto Unfold

I’ve written about our 1st floor landing before but we finally added the finishing touch: this beautiful Unfold light by Muuto! I really loved our gallery wall (see previous post HERE) but while I love black and white, it was bit too much non color, even for my taste. So I searched for a light that would add some color and found this beauty.

I love this color green, it really fits our interior. It’s not a bold green, but somewhat muted. They are available in a lot of colors and I doubted some time about yellow or green. But, green is a color that we have a lot in our house with all the plants so I chose green and I like it. And who knows I will add a yellow one somewhere else in our house because I really like that as well! Of course this light is also available in black or white, but make sure to check out the other 10 (!) colors as well.

And while I always thought this light was made of metal (it looks like that, or am I the only one?), the designers Form Us With Love gave us a little surprise; it’s made of rubber and therefor it’s foldable! I love items that surprise you like this.

While I am mostly a sucker for chairs, light are my second pleasure when it comes to buying new items for our house. I feel people take lights for granted while they are so important for the final finishing touch. They can make the difference for sure! So I love browsing through design lights and thinking about the next purchase. Since we’re currently renovating our attic, I already have some new items on my wishlist.

So, our 1st floor is officially finished now that we added this beautiful light!

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