Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

New pillows

It’s been a while since I shared our sitting area with you on the blog. The reason is pretty simple: I wasn’t quite happy with what it looked like. So I made some changes and I’m happy to share these with you today. I’ve added some new pillows from the H&M Home collection and now they match our rug again. Just what we needed :)

Another big change is that we removed the playpen from our livingroom. I noticed we didn’t use it at all for our daughter Mia at the moment so I wanted to get rid of it. We might put it back later once we feel we miss it, but for now I’m enjoying the amount of space that opened up.

I also removed our coffee table to give us some space. Every day I found myself moving it aside to lay Mia on her playmat from Cam Cam Copenhagen so it just wasn’t practical anymore. Our livingroom feels so big now, I love it! I might add a chair to the bay window later, let’s wait and see.

We were in desperate need for new pillows. Our previous ones were also from H&M, but the color green didn’t match this persian rug. And for spring coming soon (at least I hope it will) I wanted to add some happy colors. I started out with pink to match the rug, added some grey/black ones for contrast and loved the small yellow velvet one to add some more happiness.
What I usually do is order around 10 new pillow covers from the internet and then at home I just see which ones I like best. I keep those and I simply return the ones I don’t want to use. I always find it hard to decide in the store which ones will fit the best, so this is my method.

I am very pleased with the result! Now come on spring, find us in The Netherlands please!

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