Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Our greenhouse

I’ve been meaning to show you the new greenhouse in our garden for quite some time, but you can imagine I also wanted to wait till there was actually something to show. The first thing I had to do was put it together and after that a visit to my local garden center and buy supplies. After that, it was waiting time. And as you can see, it was worth the wait because our greenhouse is now filled with loads of greens. Let’s show you more!

Gardening is definitely my new hobby. I’ve been enjoying this for the last few months and I have to say our garden is coming together nicely. I do plan on another garden post here on the blog soon, but I’m waiting for our hydrangeas to bloom. So, to be continued.

While a greenhouse was high on our wishlist, we didn’t know it was possible because we have a very small garden. When I thought of a greenhouse, I thought of one of those big ones that even offered a place to sit. But lucky for us, I discovered the brand Royal Well that makes lots of different types of small greenhouses and our garden turned out to have the perfect spot for it. Right in-between the wooden platform we have our furniture on, and the plant area on the right. Perfect! This brand also has smaller ones, so it can even work out if you only have a balcony, for example.

So like I said I am really enjoying this new gardening hobby. Our garden is quite small, but it still allows us to have some plants and flowers all around. This greenhouse was the perfect addition to practice my new hobby. And while I’m not working in the garden, I’m browsing the internet for garden inspiration.

Now let’s show you some more of that greenhouse!

Experts might have already spotted that I mostly put herbs and strawberries in them. We have coriander, basil, cress and parsley, along with a lot of strawberries and some plants I’m trying to grow new ones out of. Fingers crossed it will work!

The advantages of a greenhouse are that you can start earlier with taking cuttings (stekken, voor mijn Nederlandse lezers), and end later in the season as well. A greenhouse creates a higher temperature, so plants and herbs will rise earlier in the year than they would outside. In the greenhouse they can grow so that eventually they will be strong enough to plant in the garden. A greenhouse offers protection from wind, rain, cold temperatures and animals. The only downside of it is you have to water it yourself, since you can’t wait for rain to take care of it. But, in my experience our summers have been so hot we have to water the garden daily anyway.

As you can see, I got a little carried away while photographing but I find it so comforting seeing those little plants grow. The greenhouse is surrounded by green with a small garden to the right, and some flower pots on the left.

One last motivation for me to get a greenhouse is our daughter. Even though we have a small garden, I want her to grow up with some form of gardening. Knowing how strawberries, tomatoes and herbs grow, and how you can make more of a plant by taking cuttings. If you have a kid, I highly recommend doing this together with them. So you can imagine, I have a great little helper when I’m gardening ♥

Thank you for reading this blog, hope you enjoyed a view on the outside of our house for a change :)

Love, Marrit

PS. This post is part of a longtime collaboration with fonQ. I only work with brands/shops I love.

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