Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Sisal rug under table

Before writing about the what & why I have to honestly admit this rug has been under our table for quite some time now, but somehow I haven’t gotten around posting it on the blog yet. But here it is!

My husband and I have always loved the idea of a rug under the table. We even had a Persian rug under the table in our previous house, and thought it was very cool. Nowadays we have a much bigger table than we used to, so it’s a bit harder to find the right size. In my humble opinion a rug should cover all the table ánd the chairs, so you need quite the sizable rug. The reason for this however was our change towards more natural colors in our home, and us wanting to add a wooden chair to the table. I don’t usually like wood-on-wood, so we had to invent something in between.

The motivation was this chair. I thrifted 4 of them years ago already (see my 2014 blogpost HERE) and to this day we really love the design of it. My husband and I have always loved the design of the famous Wishbone Chairs by Carl Hansen, and these remind us of it. We wanted to have at least one of them on our table, and a visit to a local furniture store gave us the idea of a sisal rug.

So that’s what it looks like! I am loving the combination of materials and colors here. That’s what making a house a home is all about, if you ask me. We bought this rug at IKEA, and it’s called LOHALS. It’s available in 2 sizes and we chose the biggest; 2x3m.

I love design chairs too much to ever be able to choose just 1 design, so a combination of all sorts is perfect. Currently we have a HAY Soft Edge 10 (the black), a Verner Panton for Vitra (the white), the thrifted chair I mentioned, and on the other side we have a Herman Miller Eames, Vitra Eames DAR and pink Butterfly Chair from Fritz Hansen. A perfect mix of materials, colors and designs.

Now I also need to be honest here, because a rug under the table will not be for everyone. We sometimes find ourself not being able to properly move a chair backwards or forwards when we’re sitting on it, and it’s definitely not the best option when you have an eating toddler in your household. Peas, anyone? But, as you can see, we take those things for granted and love this rug anyway. Sometimes it’s fashion over function.

So that’s our new rug! Hope you liked reading this post ♥

Love, Marrit

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