Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Terrazzo kitchen board

This terrazzo board is the newest addition to our kitchen! The terrazzo to me looks very luxurious and the black matches the rest of our kitchen really well. When choosing the accessories for our kitchen (like for instance the power points seen on the left of the picture above) we went for black. It really gives the kitchen the last finishing touch and the tough look we were going for. With most other accessories for the kitchen I choose black as well, like for instance the water cooker from this post on my blog a while ago.

The black combined with the leather strap from the beautiful brand Bloomingville is simply beautiful just standing on it’s own but it’s suitable for a lot of different purposes!

Drinking a cup of coffee or eating your breakfast.. But it can also be a great still life with some accessories that have nothing to do with the kitchen. Simply place it on your table with a small vase, some candles, a plant, etcetera! This board comes in a lot of shapes and sizes so pick the one that suits you best.

And when setting the table for a dinner with friends make sure to place your food on one of these plates, it will be the finishing touch for your dinner party!

Of course it looks great combined with other kitchen boards as well. When doing this make sure to combine different heights and shapes for a great overall look. I even combine different materials with each other and think it looks great.

But for now, I prefer this look. Simply standing on it’s own next to the beautiful branches of jasmine from my parents garden. Can you image the smell of our kitchen now? I wish I could include this in my post, it smells amazing!

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