Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Tivoli radio – review fonQ.nl


A few years ago I walked into a furniture store and I noticed the beautiful Tivoli Audio they selled there. I was immediately drawn to it, the simple design and the possibility to add more elements, if you want to. It stuck in my mind and I am really happy to have it in my home now!


I love listening to music but when music is on, I háve to listen to it. Am I the only one? I’m so focused on the music that nothing gets done. With radio, it’s better because it’s more on the background. So therefor – when I’m working at home – I prefer radio instead of a CD or Spotify. Somehow listening to radio is more relaxing to me. So I was looking for a nice radio on fonQ.nl to install at our home and I recognized the Tivoli system. I chose “Model One” in color Cherry/Silver but they offer a wide range of color combinations.


It is so easy to install. Plug it in your power point, pick your favourite channel and there you go. Easy peasy!

Maybe the best thing about this brand is that you can add just as much as you like. Need a CD station? They got it. An extra speaker, subwoofer or a featured clock to use next to your bed, they all have it. I was surprised by the quality and volume of this small radio. My husband is a musician and is usually very critical about speakers, but he was positively surprised too. Yes, we’re very happy about it!


Listening to music in your livingroom, workspace, kitchen.. Endless possibilities!


Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Shopping info:
Tivoli Radio: via fonQ.nl
Kitchen accessories: Ikea
Glass bell: via hema.nl
Nightstand: HAY “Tray” via fonQ.nl
Desk: Ikea “Lisabo”
Candle: Diptyque

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