Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Tom Dixon Form Bowl

An update on our hallway on the blog today, because I added the best finishing touch I can think of. The gorgeous Tom Dixon Form Bowl set are the best way to add some sphere to our black and white hallway, and give a luxurious feel at the same time. I mean, gold bowls. Does it get any better than that?

The Form Bowls from the beautiful brand Tom Dixon are basically designed as a table set, as a way to serve food. And while I can imagine it looks amazing having a green salad or bread in them, I wanted to do things a little different. I knew they would look really good hanging on the wall as well! I did doubt between hanging them in our bedroom, where they would probably look great against the dark blue walls we have there. But a while ago – in a makeover on TV – I saw this idea with a Muuto Dots set just above the staircase. And I always remembered that idea and have been wanting to do it in our home. So with those beautiful golden bowls, I eventually picked the hallway.

It adds a lot of sphere to the hallway, and I like that it accentuates the line of the stairs going up. I like my hallway pretty basic and clean, but it does need some accessories to keep it cosy.

The rest of our hallway looks like this. It’s pretty spacious for a hallway, but it is quite dark. Therefor we wanted to keep the walls white (or at least the biggest part) and later painted the wooden floor white as well. This way it reflects the light it does have as much as possible. I am thinking about painting the black boarding a dark red instead of black, since I am more into colors lately. We used this shade of red for our 2nd floor landing, you can see it here. I just love the warmth of that color, so I’m going to think about that some more.

The absolute best tip I can give my fellow moms is hanging some closets in your hallway. This way you can put the stroller underneath it, and still have some storage. We moms need our storage, am I right? This is really a perfect solution.

I know I will get questions about this: I hung the bowls on the wall using double-sided adhesive tape. I was a bit hesitant using this because I was not sure it would stick, but it easily holds them. The bowls are not heavy at all, so that makes it a little easier. You do have to remember this will likely damage your wall plaster, so only use this if you’re planning to keep them there permanently. If you want a more temporary solution, you should probably look into products from the brand Tesa.

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  • Beautiful! I would hang this in our hallway immediaty! I love gold / messing accessories and it looks perfect in combination with the black and white. I also use Tesa to hang coatracks, frames and lamps, a really simple solution if you don’t want to drill or anything :)

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