Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

3x fireplace styling

I always get a lot of questions on how to style a fireplace. And I agree this can be a tricky area to style, so I thought I’d help us all and give some styling tips here on the blog. I’ve collected 3 ways of styling that I love! The base for this styling in all 3 times is the Lampadina lamp by Flos. It’s a simple design designed by Achille Castiglioni with a pop of orange. I thought it would be nice to show you that even an unusual color like orange can be easily styled if you do it right. So let’s talk fireplace styling!

The picture above shows a way of styling I don’t usually do, but really love. I usually keep areas like a fireplace or window sill quite simple, but every now and then I go all out and collect all my favourite styling items.

What’s important with a styling like this is that you need to keep it interesting by using items with all different shapes and sizes. So work with higher (like a 50×70 poster) and lower items as well. In this case I also combined rectangular shapes (like a book) with round shapes, like the FLOS Lampadina and this golden globe.

The mix of these different shapes and sizes makes it pretty. And as you can see, I kinda let the orange from the lamp come back by using a terracotta pot for this plant. It suits really well next to the wood and newspaper in a frame. With the colors I didn’t go all-out, I kept that simple by using colors in the same color scheme. So I went big on the amount of items, but kept the color scheme small.

What I always really like in stylings is if you use a certain theme. In this case I collected all my favorite candleholders. The orange FLOS Lampadina really pops out, and the rest is pretty basic and simple. You can imagine you can do this with all kinds of items: how about a collection of plant pots, frames, books etcetera. In this case it’s again important to alternate with height. Usually I put 2 high items on the ends (as in, left and right) and mix the middle up. It’s always a good idea to stand back when you’re done and see if it needs adjustments.

And last but not least: why not simply add a colorful bouquet and keep it like that? Like I said earlier I usually like to keep it simple. Styling your fireplace can be tricky if it’s not very deep. If your fireplace is pretty shallow, you are very restricted in what you can put on. This vase and flowers works, but that’s about it. I still have a wish to have a beautiful design light on the fireplace, but most lights I love are too wide to put on there. Such a shame! But, as you can see, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to styling your fireplace. Let me know if you have any questions left, happy to answer them!

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