Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Christmas with Sostrene Grene

The most wonderful time of the year is getting close! And thanks to Sostrene Grene I can start decorating early, as they sent me a wonderful box filled with Christmas goodness. I thought I’d share some photos here on the blog, and maybe get you started with some decorating as well! I will also share my tips on how to re-use gift wrapping paper, to make this festive season a little more sustainable ♥

Christmas to me is a time to spend with your loved ones, exchanging gifts and enjoy long dinners with candlelight. While the dark evenings may not be so great for my productivity, I am enjoying those long evenings curled up on the couch under a blanket, and drinking warm tea. Next week we’ll celebrate “Sinterklaas” with my husbands family and for Christmas my brother and his girlfriend will come over from Munchen. I am really looking forward spending time with our families!

As I mentioned, Sostrene Grene sent me a beautiful package filled with items from their Christmas collection. I decided to use these items for a new winter styling of our fireplace. I went to our local florist and bought some branches and slowly added the Christmas decorations. I am very pleased with the result, as it turned out as a very cosy corner. Poor Mia (our daughter (3), who came home and thought these presents were for her.

A branch can be the perfect spot for some Christmas ornaments without having to worry if you’re overdoing it. Obviously I had to include some candles in this setting. The poster in the back fits the theme perfectly and adds some necessary height to this styling.

For inspiration I browsed the Christmas catalogue by Sostrene Grene so if you’re looking for more inspiration, click this link. I can’t wait for Christmas to come and the real decorating to begin, what about you?

And like I said above, I also wanted to share my sustainable tips on how to re-use gift wrapping paper. I have always felt that it was such a shame you only use wrapping paper for a few moments and then people throw it in the trash. In recent years I tried to live a more sustainable life, so I came up with a few solutions to save wrapping paper from the bin and to give it a 2nd life. Here are my tips:

  1. Frame it for decoration

I can’t be the only one who has always thought some wrapping paper is too pretty to throw away. Why not frame it? It could be a perfect temporary decoration for Christmas, or a great reminder of that one special gift you once received.

2. DIY new decoration

Out of leftover wrapping paper you can create the most beautiful new wrapping accessories. You can obviously also use these pieces as Christmas ornaments for your tree!

3. (Christmas) cards

Turn leftover wrapping paper into new (Christmas) cards.

4. Rewrap presents with it

And obviously I had to include this last option, just to be sure everyone understands this is a possibility. You can rewrap any present with preused wrapping paper. And if a gift is too big for the paper you have left, you can create an artsy effect of using multiple wrapping papers together. You can also use cutting waste as extra deco.

Hope you liked these ideas and it will inspire you to reuse your wrapping paper! Wishing you all a wonderful month of December ♥

Love, Marrit

PS. This post is written in collaboration with Søstrene Grene. I only work with brands I love.

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