Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

How to choose a rug

How to choose a rug: a choice a lot of people find really hard and I receive a lot of questions about it. So I’m sharing my tips and my choice on a new rug with you today!

On this blog I’ve written a lot about rugs. Showing you the difference a rug can make in your livingroom, the difference a small or big rug makes, a rug for your sitting or dining area, etcetera. A while ago I wrote a blog about our Louis de Poortere rug, our beautiful vintage pink rug and my favorites from their current collection.

Today I will be sharing my process on choosing a new rug for our livingroom. Whenever I choose a rug – for myself or a client – I take the following steps:

1. Select a size
The size of your rug is very important so it’s best to decide this first. Do you want your whole sitting area to be surrounded by a rug or do you simply want to add some texture? Because of our last rug I knew in our house I prefer a big rug that fills up the entire sitting area. If you have the chance: take a few sizes home and try out which one you like best and fits your livingroom.

2. Select a color
Selecting a color is the next step. Non-color is of course an option too. Every color brings it’s own personality so it’s good to think about this. Take your floor into consideration as well, this too should be a match.

3. Pick a theme
And by this I mean: do you want a bold rug, a persian rug filled with color or do you prefer a rustic white rug? So many options, but a very personal choice so decide for yourself. Keep in mind the rest of your interior and what would fit into that. And like I say with every tough choice in life: mostly it’s the easiest to eliminate the stuff you don’t like. It will lead you to the stuff you do like :)

4. Pick a rug!
Obviously the hardest step. Take your time to orientate, you might find yourself getting back to the same theme over and over. Visit (online) shops, inspire yourself with blogs, your friends’ houses, etcetera. A shop might even give you a chance to try a rug at home. One can always try!

Now back to my personal choice. I’ve been in touch with Louis de Poortere since I wrote my last blog about them and they offered me a chance to try 3 rugs before I made a final decision. So if I take the steps I wrote about above: I knew which size, I wanted to try a yellow rug, a persian themed rug and chose my 3 favorites from their current collection. Here they are:

A yellow rug with a vintage look, a yellow patchwork rug and at last a white rug with golden details.

I really like the idea of patchwork, with all the different rugs combined. And while I really like this rug, I felt it is a bit too sweet for our interior. I prefer something with a little bit more edge.

A white rug with golden details, doesn’t that sound great? I love the vintage look of this one and the gold is very interesting.

But, I chose this rug. A bold rug that demands attention, just the way I like a rug to be. The rest of our interior is pretty calm so this works out fine. I love the worn look of it and it matches our wooden floor perfectly.

Usually my blogposts are a lot shorter, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever written a blogpost this long. But I get a lot of questions on this topic so I thought I would answer them all. This is why I started my blog: sharing my interior with you and hoping to teach you something with it. If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact me on whatever medium you prefer. Email via info@donebymyself.nl, my Facebook or Instagram.

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